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How can FIA SDC engage and inspire?

Employee engagement is a key component in business success. That’s why FIA SDC includes multiple features to encourage engagement. Here’s how the app helps you communicate with employees about safer driving behavior and adds weight to your corporate engagement efforts.

1. You can set up company challenges

Once you’ve joined FIA SDC, you can set up as many company challenges as you like, for employees, partners, clients and more. You can personalize each challenge with your own image, color theme, and logotype – and you can invite as many people as you want to join. One idea to help strengthen employee engagement is to set up challenges between teams or offices, with prizes for best performers.

2. FIA SDC’s gamification inspires and motivates

Company challenges encourage safe, eco-friendly driving while boosting engagement and interaction between different company divisions. Additionally, every participant in FIA SDC is automatically assigned a team leader and included in the World Challenge, providing further incentives for employees to demonstrate smart driving behaviors.

3. Company feedback facilitates discussion opportunities

When you hold up a company challenge in FIA SDC, you’ll receive insights into the impact your team has on road safety and CO2 emissions. These reports on risk and CO2 impact per team member provide opportunities to hold informal discussions with employees about their performance, and reward those who excel.

4. Head-to-head challenges encourage friendly competition

All drivers who join FIA SDC can invite their contacts to become a “friend” in the app. Friends are able to challenge each other in head-to-head competitions to determine who is the smartest driver. This type of friendly competition is ideal for informally engaging employees in your organization’s safety and sustainability goals.

5. FIA SDC strengthens your company’s safety culture

A strong safety culture is important for protecting the well-being of employees. A positive safety culture goes beyond policies and rules and includes everything from effective communication and leadership commitment to “owning” safety responsibilities and reflecting on personal achievements.

FIA SDC is the ideal tool for enhancing your safety culture, since it provides the opportunity for everyone in the company to get involved, own their driving skills, and benefit from the in-app feedback and encouragement.

Engage employees with the FIA Smart Driving Challenge

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a worldwide challenge created by the FIA in collaboration with Greater Than to encourage everyday drivers to adopt smarter, cleaner and safer driving behaviors.

Joining the FIA SDC gives your organization the opportunity to engage drivers in your safety and sustainability efforts, and provides company-wide reporting into safety and eco-driving.

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