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About FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC)

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC) is the world’s first challenge that rewards smart, safe and environmentally-friendly driving. The challenge was created by the FIA to encourage everyday drivers to adopt and develop smarter driving skills. During the competition, each individual driving will be measured by a digital platform, called Enerfy® by Greater Than, which evaluates driving in real time with artificial intelligence (AI) during the competition and makes smart driving both measurable and comparable. When joining the competition, participants will be invited to join a team led by one prestigious motor sport champion. The team leader will help them become the smartest driver.
Any regular motorist.
The season officially starts in April. The final will take place in December.
The final will take place in December.
All participants need to join a team to drive for by choosing a team leader when signing up. During each heat, the FIA Smart Driving Challenge is open for participants to compete and register trips to collect FIA Smart Driving Challenge points, both as team and as individuals. Every drive over 1 km during the heat is included in the scoring. However, during a heat the total drive must exceed 10 km for the participation to be taken into account.
You need to participate in at least 4 out of 6 challenge weeks during a heat in order to be able to qualify for the final.
Choose any team and team leader you want to support and drive for. Your team leader will continually inspire you to become a smarter driver sharing with you his or her best driving tips during the heats. Please note that you cannot change team during the season.

About the app

Each drive is measured in real time by an app-to-vehicle connectivity combination to evaluate a driver’s FIA SDC score. The data is sent to an AI based platform, called Enerfy® by Greater Than. The AI solution calculates the smartness of driving by relying on several elements: energy efficiency, eco-driving, and road safety. Thanks to the data received, a driving score is delivered to the driver in real time.
The individual driver’s score is calculated from an average based on the top 10% of that competitor’s total trips during one heat (7 continuing weekdays). The team driving score is calculated on the average score of the top 20 drivers of the team plus 2% of the score of the other team members. Points and classifications will be received after a heat has ended.
The competition runs on an app you need to download to your smartphone and use when participating in the challenge. The driver must use a by FIA and Enerfy approved connected road car solution, meaning an OBD reader connected via Bluetooth or an infotainment system bonded in the FIA SDC app. FIA SDC works independently of road conditions, vehicle type, Fossil fuel-, Hybrid- or Electrical powered cars. An app-to-vehicle connectivity combination is used to evaluate driver’s FIA SDC score.

What is the definition of smart driving?

Smart driving means handling your car in a safe, environmentally friendly and well-planned way, which you do if you:

  • Stay 100% focused during your driving.
  • Plan the route and be prepared for the next step.
  • Raise your gaze and keep a safe distance to cars in front of you.
  • Do not stress.
  • Try to handle gas and brake smoothly.
  • Adopt your driving style and speed to circumstances such as traffic and weather conditions.
Learn more about how to improve your driving skills with our top tips.
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For more information about the rules of the challenge, please check our rules page:
FIA SDC Rules.

For app support, please contact the FIA SDC support team: support@fiasmartdrivingchallenge.com

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