Rules - how to join the FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2024

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is the world's first challenge rewarding smart skills at the wheel. It is a global competition where everyday drivers can challenge each other and themselves to become smarter on the road. It's an initiative that aims to improve the environment, and safety on the roads - globally. The challenge is a collaboration between the FIA, the global governing body for Motor Sport and Mobility and Swedish insur-tech Greater Than.

Outside of the FIA SDC seasons you can drive as much, or as little, as you like. See all important dates in the calendar.

Individual competition
When downloading the FIA SDC app and creating an account you automatically join the FIA Smart Driving Global Challenge.

The challenge consists of seven heats, each spanning over one calendar month. The top three drivers of each heat gets selected for online playoffs – a special event where all the best performers of the year, within different categories, drive to qualify in the final.

The final is a live challenge where the top two performers from the playoffs will go head to head in one final last challenge – deciding who will be the winner of the FIA SDC Season 2024.
The rules
The rules for the FIA Smart Driving Challenge Season 2024 are as following:

• The individual driver's score is calculated on an average based on the top 10% trips.

• Compete in a minimum of 3 out of 4 weeks of a heat in order to qualify for the playoffs.

• Every trip over 3 km during a week is included in the scoring.

• Total distance driven during a week must exceed 10 km.

• The same geographical route will only be scored twice in one day.

• You must have trips from more than 1 geographical route.
Official team leaders and teams
Joining a team leader is mandatory for participants in the FIA SDC Season 2024 in order to allow them to have a certified professional as coach. They compete as an individual but their team also joins the challenge as a community – working together to create positive change on the roads. If participants do not choose a team leader while signing up, they will be assigned to one of the teams automatically.
What can I win?
The top two drivers from the season are invited to partake in a live head-to-head, taking place during the FIA Annual General Assembly Week in December. The winner of the head-to-head will be awarded the title of “FIA SDC Smart Driver 2024” and will receive his/her award during a ceremony together with the “Smart Club of the year” and the “Team leader of the year”. The winner is also invited to participate in the FIA Prize Giving Gala.
Technical requirements
• The driver connects the app to its car via Bluetooth. No extra equipment is needed to get started with smart driving.

• The FIA SDC app works on all road conditions, vehicle types and all energy types – be it fossil, hybrid or electrical.
Smart driving definition
• Adapt your driving style and speed to the traffic and weather conditions.
• Be 100% focused on your driving.
• Plan the route and be prepared for upcoming events.
• Raise your gaze and keep a safe distance from cars in front of you.
• Do not stress.
• Try to handle gas and brake smoothly.
Start driving smart and join the challenge today.
Download FIA SDC

Appeal & protest

If you have any concern about the score or any dishonest behavior occurring during a heat, you have 24 hours after the heat is closed to send a written appeal to the organizer directly in the app in the “APPEAL” section or by sending an email to

Please note:
• The final results for each heat will only become official after the 24-hour appeal time has elapsed.

• The official finish time of every heat is Sunday at 23:59:59 (all 24 time zones are considered).

• All results will be published during the season on the FIA SDC app and updated during each heat.